Because your dog deserves a long and healthy life.


We refuse to feed crap.

Natural and good-tasting food makes dogs happier and healthier. With BuddyCare we wanted to raise the bar for what "healthy supplements" really means. Unfortunately, the pet food industry for a long time has neglected the best interest of the dog. By using sugar, cheap fillers and artificial additives, some companies have been able to receive high margins. As a result, dogs are more sick today than 30 years ago. We wanted to change that with products that can promote a long and healthy life. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Only natural ingredients

Your dog deserves better than an ancient mix of grains, sugar and soy. By teaming up with smart and dedicated veterinarians, nutritionists and industry experts we have been able to create all-natural supplements that truly enhance dog's health.

All ingredients we use come from within the EU. We have even been able to create the coat of the chews using sweet potato starch rather than sugar. We think that's pawesome!


Safely produced in SE & DE

Using the best natural ingredients is only OK if you can ensure a safe production resulting in highest quality products. Therefore we at BuddyCare are very happy to produce safely in Sweden (SE) and Germany (DE). 

Both our manufacturing facilities are using modern technology to facilitate highest-quality products being produced. They have long experience from the nutrition and supplements industry. In fact, both factories are approved for human supplements production.

Both products and the manufacturing facilities are controlled on a regular basis by the local authorities.


Tailored for a long and healthy dog life


Given that all dogs are unique with different needs, we have created a range that supports all dog's needs.

We're more than happy to help you find the right supplement(s) for your best friend. You can both chat an email us if you need help.

To make life easy for you - and the dog - we offer easy subscriptions that can be changed, paused or cancelled.

Try it out today. Change, pause or cancel at any time.

Find your dog's new pawsome supplements using our easy guide below: