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100% natural supplements

Developed together with veterinarians, our supplements contain active ingredients with scientifically proven benefits for your dog. Supplements are a great way to enhance your dog's health as part of a balanced diet.

Why supplements from BuddyCare?

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Prevents injuries
  • Free from additives and grains
  • Safely produced in Sweden & Germany

Our supplements are always ...


100% natural

Free from artificial additives, fillers and GMO's.

Scientifically proven

The active ingredients are the components that provide the actual effect - all with scientifically proven benefits.

Grain free

No grains or cheap fillers, such as corn, rice or wheat. 


Grain free

No grains or cheap fillers, such as corn, rice or wheat.

Easy to feed

Our chews, oils and powders are rich in taste, which makes them both delicious and healthy. 

And you will never find any...

Additives Grains GMO's Gluten
Additives Grains
GMO's Gluten

Healthy dog, happy life!

Just like humans, every dog is unique. To support good health for every dog, our formulas are customized to fit different needs.
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Find the right supplements for your dog. If you need help, you can use this guide or are welcome to chat or shoot us an email! 🐶

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Mariana & Lenny

My dog adores the salmon oil! He loves the taste and it has improved his appetite. Also, I've noticed that his coat is much shinier!


I give my dog probiotics daily to protect his sensitive tummy. Since I started, his problems have disappeared and he seems to feel much better. Highly recommend!


Awesome! My chihuahua mix gets plaque quite easily, so I have started to give him teeth formula with every meal. So far so good!